Ultimate Guide to Picking the Perfect Permanent Lip Tattoo

Ultimate Guide to Picking the Perfect Permanent Lip Tattoo

Finding the ideal lipstick shade to perfectly complement your complexion can be challenging. This task becomes even more crucial when selecting permanent lip tattoos – choosing correctly the first time is essential! Consider undertones, lighting, preferred color depth, and testing shades thoroughly. Explore more tips on choosing the right shade for your tattoo lipstick at https://www.hdpermanentmakeup.ca/how-to-choose-the-right-shade-for-your-tattoo-lipstick/

Key Takeaways

  • Complement your skin’s undertone with cool, warm, or neutral shades
  • Try colors in different lighting to test how they’ll look
  • Consider a shade slightly darker than your natural lip color
  • Match intensity to your preferred level of boldness

Evaluate Your Skin’s Undertones

The most flattering lipstick contains pigments tailored to your individual skin undertone:

  • Cool undertones – blue, pink, red tones show best on those with cooler undertones. Lip colors like berry, wine, pink, and mauve are most compatible.
  • Warm undertones – yellow, peach, golden brown undertones match warm shades. Coral, terra-cotta, peach, brown, and brick lip colors are ideal.
  • Neutral undertones – no strong cool or warm tones. Variety of shades work, but soft roses, taupes, and mlbb (“my lips but better”) colors are especially gorgeous.

Press a white paper napkin on your bare skin and assess the color – this helps reveal your skins’ undertones.

Lighting Makes a Difference

Test potential lipstick colors in both natural daylight and indoor lighting. Fluorescent or LED lighting can distort how a shade appears.

Daylight shows the most accurate representation of a hue. Step outside and look in a mirror to view colors correctly.

Indoor light changes tones. A color may look slightly off inside. Check shades inside as well since that’s where you’ll usually wear it.

Testing allows you to see how lighting impacts the lipstick and determine if it remains flattering.

Intensity Level – Subtle or Bold

Lip color intensity ranges from light nudes to deep wines. Consider what level of depth and vibrancy complements you best.

For a bolder look:

  • Choose deeper, richer shades
  • Colors with blue-red undertones pop
  • Dark berries, purples, and reds make a statement

For a subtler style:

  • Opt for lighter earth tones
  • Soft pinks, peaches, and mauves give a delicate effect
  • Sheer, shiny glosses tint lips gently

The right intensity highlights your beauty while allowing your own features to shine through.

SubtleSheer, light neutrals
MediumLuminous cream shades
BoldSaturated, vivid colors

Try On Multiple Lipstick Shades

Test a wide variety of colors when selecting permanent lip tattoos.

  • Apply lipstick shades to entire lips
  • Check coloring across whole face – does it flatter and harmonize?
  • Photograph colors to compare accurately

View each shade in different lighting as well. Trying numerous options helps guarantee you discover the most compatible hue.

Tips When Testing Shades

  • Allow colors to dry completely on lips
  • Press and blot with tissue – is it still pretty?
  • Check coloring on jawline/neck also
  • Have a neutral face to let true color show

With meticulous testing, your perfect lip tint will reveal itself!

Match Lip Tattoo Color to Natural Lip Hue

For the most seamless look, tattoo a shade similar to your natural lip color, while enhancing with more intensity and saturation.

Light to medium skin tones with pinkish-mauve lips can tattoo gorgeous roses, pinks, purples, berries, and red-browns a couple shades deeper. This adds definition while looking realistic.

Medium to dark skin with brown lip tones can be tattooed with saturated versions of natural color. Opt for hues like terra-cotta, coral, peach, caramel, chocolate – staying in the same color family.

Choose a semi-permanent tattoo hue complementary to your lip shade for the best outcome. Permanent tattoos should closely match natural lip coloring.

Final Words

Determine undertones, preferred color depth, and try multiple shades in different lighting during selection. Choose semi-permanent and permanent tattoo colors similar to your natural lip color for a cohesive look. With proper shade testing and assessment, you’ll select the perfect custom lip tattoo!

Originally posted 2024-01-15 04:33:22.